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2013 Season: Borderline

The Fall of the house of usher

By Phillip Glass
January 27, February 2, 3

Ghostly. Mysterious. Chilling. There is a time to confront our fears and nightmares; a time to explore the fine line between truth and imagination. Welcome to one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most unsettling stories. Enter the eerie realm of the House of Usher where the border separating the real and the supernatural is blurred. Glass’ haunting and suspenseful music provides the soundscape for this journey to the edge of madness. Read More...

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By Gabriela Ortiz
March 24, 30

Outlaws. Love. Deceit.  Unicamente La Verdad (Only the Truth) is based on a popular Mexican ballad, “Contrabando y Traicion” (Smuggling and Betrayal). This docu-opera, lifted from the headlines, follows Camelia la Tejana and her lover who smuggle drugs across the border to Los Angeles. The payoff becomes a deadly showdown! Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz creates a pulsing score that fuses classical and Mexican influences. Read More...

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tell tale heart/van gogh

By Stewart Copeland & Michael Gordon
May 11, 18, 19

Delirious. Manic. Damned. This double-bill features a boastful murderer and a self-condemned artist. Stewart Copeland, drummer/founder of the rock band The Police, elevates Poe's story of a meticulous murderer betrayed by his own paranoia. Michael Gordon, Bang on a Can co-founder, dives into the restless soul of the brilliant painter Van Gogh, revealing his world through the raw emotions of his personal letters.  Both operas feature music at the edge of rock, jazz, and classical modernism. Read More...

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By Ernest Bloch
June 15, 22, 23

Ambitious. Violent. Treacherous. Macbeth, incited by witches' prophecies and the promptings of his manipulating wife, sells his soul to be king. Once a great man, he trades honor for power.  Doomed by his own deeds, he is killed by a man “not born of a woman.” Swiss-American composer Ernest Bloch’s lavish and highly dramatic 1906 score creates the perfect tone for this bone-chilling thriller. Read More...

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