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2014 Season


King Gesar 

By Peter Lieberson
Sat. Sept. 7 2013 @ 8pm, Fri. Sept. 13 2013 @ 8pm,  Sat. Sept. 14 2013 @ 8pm
Harry Bridges Memorial Park, Long Beach

Get ready for a campfire opera under a blanket of stars! Our second Outer Limits production draws from the ancient tradition of storytelling and recounts the story of Tibetan King Gesar, who emerges as a warrior of the human heart and champion of enlightenment. Played out atop the galloping runs, prayerful melodies, and percussive battle cries of the score, this inspiring experience marries the oral rituals of the past with LBO’s look at opera of the future. Read More...

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Queenie Pie

By Duke Ellington
Sun. Jan. 26 @ 7pm, Sat. Feb. 1 @ 8pm, Sun. Feb. 2 @ 2pm
Warner Grand Theatre, San Pedro

Opera heads to Harlem for a Big Band makeover in the Duke's only opera! Ellington's opera buffa is the story of a Harlem belle, who finds an elixir of "everlasting anythingness" in her pursuit of straight hair and a crown. Our heroine is inspired by the life of Mme. C. J. Walker, hair product mogul and this country's first female African-American, self-made millionaire. Social status, beauty, and racial divides are redefined in the Duke's raucous affair, forging hot jazz, cool blues, and gravity-defying bouffants. Read More...

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THE Death of Klinghoffer

By John Adams
Sun. Mar. 16 @ 7pm,  Sat. Mar. 22 @ 2pm
Terrace Theater, Long Beach

In 1985, Palestinian terrorists hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro and senselessly murdered a Jewish-American passenger. Adams' landmark opera is a microcosm of human tragedy, triggered by ongoing conflict. The passionate score waxes and wanes with the frantic pulses of the captive passengers and the endgame is the long overdue SoCal Premiere of an opera LA Times calls a "rare insight into the most troubling and destructive political and cultural division of our age." Read More...

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By Igor Stravinsky & Wynton Marsalis
Sun. May 4 @ 7pm,  Sat. May 10 @ 2pm
Center Theater, Long Beach 

This double-bill boasts fact and fable - sinister parables brimming with foxtrots, rags, marches and a healthy dose of Dixieland. In Marsalis’ Faustian allegory, a young, upstart musician strikes a devilish deal, biting off more than she can chew...  Kurt Vonnegut audaciously reimagines Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale into a vexing story of American wartime deserters: 40,000 fled the front lines of WWII, one was executed - this is his story. Read More...

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The Difficulty of Crossing a Field

By David Lang
Sun. June 22 @ 7pm, Sat. June 28 @ 8pm Sun. June 29 @ 2pm
Terrace Theater, Long Beach

A revival of an LBO favorite that LA Times  called “a marvelous production…making history.” A slave owner in pre-Civil War Alabama walks across his field and vanishes in plain view of his family, neighbors, and slaves – forever altering the relationships among them. The more the witnesses recount the disappearance, the more elusive it becomes. Perspectives are upended as you take your seat on the theater stage and watch the action float across the seats of the auditorium.  Read More...

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