2017/18 Season

The Consul (LBO Premiere) - October 2017
October 14, 20, & 22 

Music by Gian Carlo Menotti

Riveting. Powerful. Relevant. Patricia Racette, one of the great singing actresses of our time, stars as Magda Sorel in this politically charged refugee thriller. Magda is pleading for a visa to save her persecuted family, but is confronted with a soul-destroying consular bureaucracy where “your name is a number,” and “your story is a case.” This suspenseful drama holds your attention from beginning to end and won both the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Musical and the 1950 Pulitzer Prize for Music. A chilling story about the world we live in.

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The Black Cat (American Premiere) - January 2018
January 13, 20, & 21

Music by David Sylvian / J.S. Bach

Mysterious. Unsettling. Thrilling. A nameless person sits on death row, awaiting his execution. What possessed him to murder his wife? He begins to tell his story, the story of the black cat. Edgar Allan Poe’s novella delivers a dark journey into the abyss of a desperate murderer’s soul. It is accompanied by a musical mashup combining English songwriter David Sylvian’s works and arias from J.S. Bach’s cantatas—a collaboration with Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra.

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The Invention of Morel (West Coast Premiere) - March 2018
March 17, 24, & 25

Music by Stewart Copeland

Imaginative. Surreal. Futuristic. When a man has no hope, he has nothing left to lose. Time-bending love triumphs over convention in this futuristic story of love and desire. Located on a lonely island, this sci-fi story redefines the limits of human connection and the power of love. Stewart Copeland, co-founder and drummer of The Police, sets this fantastical tale of the human heart to thrilling music. Be there for this LBO co-commission, a new opera for the 21st century.
"A brilliant piece of musical surrealism" –Chicago Tribune

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The Love Potion (SoCal Premiere) - May 2018
May 13 & 19

Music by Frank Martin

Haunting. Mystical. Eternal. The epic story of Tristan and Isolde is told through Martin’s mystical and haunting score. The fateful lovers meet by deception; fall in love by magic; and pursue their love in defiance of heavenly and earthly power. They “loved each other, and at last, they died of that love together upon one day; she by him and he by her.”
"Mitisek’s austere production is like a mystical ritual that exists beyond time." –Chicago Tribune

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