2018/19 Season:  #JUSTICE    

Stories that must be told with music that needs to be heard!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

What is justice? What is just? What just is? 2019 brings you experiences that are in search of justice; insightful and inspiring. The Black Cat looks at the absolute force of law without mercy as something which cannot be escaped. Philip Glass' In The Penal Colony is a Kafkaesque metaphor about the twilight of a barbaric world order and the dawn of a humane judicial system. A dramatic case of legal injustice from the 1980's inspired our world premiere of The Central Park Five by Anthony Davis.


LBO Premiere

THREE TALES - Steve Reich / Beryl Korot

November 3 & 4 • 2018

This documentary video opera recalls three well known events from the 20th century; the Hindenburg explosion, the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests, and Dolly the cloned sheep. Each of these reflects on the growth and implications of technology during the 20th century. The debate about the physical, ethical, and religious nature of our expanding technological environment continues to grow.

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November 3 • 2018

Celebrate 40 years of LBO in style at the historic Scottish Rite Event Center and Ernest Borgnine Theater in Long Beach. Explore this fascinating, undiscovered landmark during LBO's "Roaring 20+20's" Gala, dive into the rollicking era of a 1920's speakeasy during the 5pm reception, take your seat at the Ernest Borgnine Theater at 6pm for the opening performance of Three Tales by Steve Reich and at 7:30pm enjoy a scrumptious dinner and auction. (A level seats to the performance are included in your gala ticket).

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U.S. Premiere

THE BLACK CAT - David Sylvian / J.S. Bach

January 19 & 20 • 2019
Beverly O'Neill Theater, Long Beach 

A nameless person sits on death row, awaiting his execution. What possessed him to murder his wife? He begins to tell his story, the story of the black cat. Edgar Allan Poe’s novella delivers a dark journey into the abyss of a desperate murderer’s soul. It is accompanied by a musical mashup combining English songwriter David Sylvian’s works and arias from J.S. Bach’s cantatas—a collaboration with Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra.

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SoCal Premiere


April 25,26,27,28 & May 2,3,4, 5 • 2019
CSULB Studio Theater, Long Beach 

An explorer visits an island where blind conformity has no rational connection between crime and punishment. Kafka’s ingenious metaphor about man’s inhumanity to man is heightened by Glass’ hypnotic score. Witness the internal conflict of the innocent bystander; to act or to do nothing.

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World Premiere


Warner Grand Theater, San Pedro
June 15, 22, & 23 • 2019

In 1980’s New York, five African American and Latino teenagers were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unjustly convicted of a Central Park rape, they were exonerated through DNA 13 years later. Davis’ opera is a passionate story about an issue that still rocks America.

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