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you make magic happen!

This is a humorous campaign for a vitally serious subject - the future of Long Beach Opera depends on your help today. You know that this has been a difficult year for a number of opera companies in the United States. I don't know any colleague of a single opera company that isn't worried about the support of her or his company's work. Here at Long Beach Opera, you know that you can always experience the most adventurous operas on a very carefully managed budget - we do a lot with a little. Where else could you see so much innovation in one place? Even with care, the reality is that ticket sales account for only 35% of our budget (still better than the MET with only 27%). The remaining 65% comes from friends like you, and we are truly grateful for your help.

You are adventurous, brave, enthusiastic and imaginative with us. You are willing to journey with us to an aquarium, a swimming pool, a parking garage, a beach and many more locations to experience opera that is well outside the box. Please join us on this journey as well and help LBO meet our year-end goal. Now more than ever I am asking you to be enthusiastic about LBO - by making a donation in support of the rest of our 2013/14 season.

We must still raise nearly $200,000 by June 30th to finish this daring season on a high note. Your contribution today will help us even more because passionate donors are allowing us to use their support as a match for renewed, new and increased gifts. So your renewing spring gift is matched dollar for dollar and anything you give above is matched 2:1. If you have never given before, your gift is matched 2:1. Please let's turn this opportunity into a cascade of support for LBO's adventures so we can also put pants on our singers in seasons to come.

Albert Camus said: "Real generosity to the future lies in giving all to the present". Your support today will make sure that tomorrow dawns brightly for your most adventurous opera company. I look forward to seeing you at the next opera.

Contribution Levels

    • Super Luminaries ($50,000+)    
    • Luminaries ($25,000+)
    • Catalysts ($10,000+)
    • Champions ($5,000+)
    • Innovators ($2500+)
    • Dreamers ($1,200+)
    • LBO Fanatics ($500+)
    • LBO Fans ($250+)
    • LBO Associate ($100+)

If you prefer to send your contribution by check, please make your check payable to Long Beach Opera and mail it to:

Long Beach Opera
507 Pacific Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802

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