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Towards a New Opera! Episode 4

This week author and scholar Dr. Naomi André joins us to discuss the continued use of blackface in 21st century opera, opera in South Africa, and all of the cognitive dissonances of race in American opera today. Dr. André is the author of “Black Opera: history, power, engagement.”

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Towards a New Opera! Episode 3

This week Alexander connects with opera director Charlotte Brathwaite, currently producing some of the most innovative and exciting work in the field of new opera. Charlotte discusses her journey to finding her directorial voice and the myriad implications of creating freely as an operatist.

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Towards a New Opera! Episode 2

What does a new opera look and sound like if classical music is not treated as a culturally 'superior' form? How can conceptual artists from outside the field be engaged in the 'public dreaming' of new approaches? Each is a ‘message in a bottle’ — with the dream of awakening new connections across vast cultural seas."

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Towards a New Opera! Episode 1

Towards a New Opera! is a new podcast intended to engage discussion with diverse artists on the expanding possibilities of new American opera. Alexander Gedeon is a stage director and performer born and based in Los Angeles, working primarily in the field of contemporary opera. He is currently Long Beach Opera's Minister of Culture.

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LB...Oop, Episode 5

In this final episode of LB...oop!, Derrell and Joanna discuss Juneteenth and what it has to teach us about the current racial awakening unfolding within the opera artform.

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LB...Oop, Episode 4

In this episode of LB...Oop, Derrell Acon and Joanna Ceja address the current state of affairs of the nation and talk about the pressing events around police brutality, protests, and even how these racist structures creep into opera.

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LB...Oop, Episode 3

Joanna Ceja and Derrell Acon have a lively discussion in their third episode of LB...Oop about some of the awesome things artists are doing on social media during this weird period of sheltering in place. Then they discussed their favorite shows, dance clubs and pet peeves during a show.

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LB...Oop, Episode 2

Opera singers and staff members Derrell Acon and Joanna Ceja discuss their lives as opera singers living through this crisis, but never lose their senses of humor. Prepare to laugh out loud at their shenanigans.

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LB...Oop Debuts! Episode 1

LBO's own Education and Engagement team Derrell Acon and Joanna Ceja are also accomplished opera performers. They bring their own special magic to LBO's first Live Video Podcast which debuts Friday April 17th at 6:00 PM on LBO's Facebook Page. Hear what they have to say about a variety of topics including the effect the Coronavirus is having on the opera world and singers, and how artists are coping.

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