Block Party by Marcus Norris

An LA based composer, Marcus' strophic ballad showcases the social connections that may or may not be able to occur during lockdown.


'Block Party' by Marcus Norris

Commissioners: Greta & Peter Mandell

Soprano: Darshaya Oden

Piano: Jason Tyson

Music & Lyrcis: Marcus Norris

2020 South Side Sound



Verse 1

You've always been so fine.

Since we were tenth grade, you've been a ten, baby.

We always met at the wrong place and time,

Today I got the time for you.

When I was with him,

Ya still crossed my mind.

Though we were in love,

I was curious.

Then you were hers when I left his side.

But now the stars aligned.

I hope ya don't take it wrong,

But don't make me wait too long.

I hope it's not insensitive.

Ya posted that you're single,

Oh Shit!

Breakups really can break ya down,

But I'm stuck on trynna take you down.

Scrolling through ya pics, it all builds up to this.

Finna hit yo line, say what's on my mind.

Hold up, time out, wait...

What's that caption say?

"Make America.. Great?"




I'm finna have to.... Block yo dumb ass.

Block yo dumb ass.

Block yo dumb ass.


Block yo ol' goof-ass, boy.

Too fast, boy.

I thought we would last.

And it makes me mad, but it be like that.


Verse 2

Let no one tell you I'm scared to try.

Maybe it's madness,

I may be a masochist.

My home girl told me meet one online.

Either way I'm finished after this.

You sent a message.

I was surprised, pleasantly, we got chemistry.

Now you on my line all through the night.

When we get to meet, keep that energy.

I hope ya don't take it wrong.

But don't make me wait too long.

I hope it's not insensitive.

Men are out here on some bull shit.

Dating really can break ya down.

Play it right and I'm gon' take you down.

Pull up to the date, I'm twenty minutes late.

Walked to find my seat.

Who all came to eat?

Twenty people deep.

"Welcome to the team."

Is this.... a pyramid scheme?




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