Clouded Dusk by Anahita Abbasi

An Iranian born San Diego based composer, Anahita piece reflects on distance and separation including her personal experience with the travel ban for Iranians.


'Clouded Dusk' by Anahita Abbasi

Commissioner: Vincent Pollmeier

Voice: Jonathan Nussman

Text: Niloufar Talebi

Electronics: Anahita Abbasi

Composition & Video Editing: Anahita Abbasi




You and I

erupted into being

our hearts began to beat

as time throbbed in the garden.

We burn on opposite sides of the world

for sand drags us down / wants to drag us down

but the impulse quickening us is untouched by harm

the greenest dance in the world.


Here we are

you and I

seeds who rose from (our) shallow beds

lilies in the sky

our existence ephemeral / fleeting

as the flare of a comet.

Do not imagine for a / one moment

that you are alone

for we lovers

are bound by the same call

to greet / reach the sun.


Here we are

you and I

sowers / gardeners of endless seeds

in valleys and plains

that bloom eternal for children to come.


From Anahita:

In this piece I wanted to depict the essence of touch and contact and the meaning of distance. All the struggles and obstacles that one faces, the inner thoughts and worries, all the emotions that one goes through, when one leaves their family and country with a bagful of hopes and dreams. This is a pain that all immigrants have faced, sort of a collective pain, when we are not able to be in physical contact with our loved ones and our homes.

During COVID, everyone somehow experienced the depth of this need. The irony is that we are in contact with everyone via zoom, but still we all desperately sense the need of being in contact with other human beings.

The piece shows a glimpse of our daily lives, the days pass by, whether sunny, foggy or cloudy ... but like the deep ocean species, we are all strong and resilient and can survive even when the sun is not reaching us. I do believe that we need to have hope and always move forward! knowing together, we can reach anything and believing that there are better days ahead of us ...


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