Roots in the land by Shahab Paranj

Born in Iran, now based in L.A., Shahab's piece is excerpted from an opera in development about the personal life and events of the deposed Shah of Iran and his wife.


'Roots in the Land' by Shahab Paranj

ریشه در خاک

Commissioners: Dr. & Mrs. Richard Claytor

Mezzo-Soprano: Michelle Rice

Pianist: Stephen Karr

Choreographer and dancer: Tina Bararian

Text by: Fereydoun Moshiri

Audio Editing: Stephen Karr

Art Direction & Cinematography: Rojin Shafiei

Videography: Kenny Yates




You will migrate from this thirsty dry plain.

For you, leaving from the land,

is like the abandon of life.

Your look is bitter and depressive.

Your heart is very tormented by the thorns, the thorns of despair.

With empty hands, you battled with horrible storms.

With every leaf of this garden, You have a hidden relation.

These clouds of spreader darkness and merciless without rain,

This drought for years continuously,

This guile of sympathizers,

This betrayal friend

Leading you to fall down


تو از این دشت خشک تشنه روزی کوچ خواهی کرد

تو را کوچیدن از این خاک، دل بر کندن از جان است

نگاهت تلخ و افسرده است

دلت را خارخار نا امیدی سخت آزرده است

تو را با برگبرگ این چمن پیوند پنهان است

تو را این ابر ظلمت گستر بیرحم بی باران

تو را این خشکسالی های پی در پی

تو را از نیمه ره بر گشتن یاران

تو را تزویر غمخواران ز پا افکند


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