by your side by Sonja Mutić

Currently a PhD candidate at Harvard, Sonja's piece processes her own isolation and struggle to create music during the last year in a detached and under-resourced environment.


'by your side' by Sonja Mutić

Commissioner: Vina Spiehler

Voice and electronics: Sonja Mutić


From Sonja: This piece is a song of separation and longing. Two worlds exist together, but at a distance. Voices echo through space like an emotional outpouring into the void. A monolithic digital structure evolves slowly alongside them, morphing into new shapes and forms. As a listener, we observe their difference, and participate in their qualities and individual identities. The rate at which we do so has been slowed to the point where time reveals transformations on a micro-level.

Composing this piece has been a great opportunity to explore three areas of interest to me: my own voice, harmony and digital synthesis. I am interested in how these sounds can overlap, sit alongside each other, and melt into one another. I am fascinated by their fundamental qualities—the way in which the human voice reveals the emotional world of the singer, how the synthesizer has the capacity for micro timbral transformation, and how harmony provides a sense of an emotional trajectory, suspension and resolution. This piece is also a step in the new direction for me—one in which I am moving away from the traditions of the concert hall to a new and more personal soundworld and space. In this, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to explore and develop my practice.


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