Ghâl 2 by Bahar Royaee

An Iranian born composer, Bahar's piece features the amplification of quiet and suppressed sounds paired with contemporary iranian poetry and shadow puppetry.


'Ghâl' 2 by Bahar Royaee

Commissioners: Robert Braun & Joan Friedman

Voice: Felicia Chen

Shadow Puppetry: Deniz Khateri

Electronics: Bahar Royaee

Audio Mixing & Mastering: Bahar Royaee

Video Editing: Deniz Khateri

Text: “Thalassic 3” by Yadollah Royaee


Program notes: There is a moment in the memory. A moment that the dialogues of memories of a mother and that of a child intersect. Their voices intertwine and linger, broken and fragmented, in the space of memory. In this process the mother’s lullaby never gets revealed and the word of the child remains naked of meaning. The voice breaks in a struggle to express itself, and in an atmosphere of nested sounds, it produces its own rhythm from its own fractures.




The silence was a bouquet,

in my throat.


The song of the beach,

was the breeze of my kiss and your open eyelid.


On the waters

the wind bird

was disturbed in the nest of hundreds of noises.


دریایی۳3 سکوت دسته گلی بود،

میان حنجره ی من.


و ترانه ساحل،

نسیم بوسه من بود و پلک باز تو بود.


بر آبها،

پرنده باد،

میان النه صدها صدا پریشان بود.

از مجموعه شعرهای “ دریایی ها” - یدهللا رویایی


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