Lost souls are found, love is rekindled, and secrets are exposed at a mysterious motor lodge in the American West. Created by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Ellen Reid, playwright christopher oscar peña, and director James Darrah, 'desert in' is a groundbreaking new eight-part miniseries that reveals a supernatural story of love, loss, and the price of memories. 

Featuring the talents of eight extraordinary, award-winning composers and interlocking stories from rising and veteran screenwriters, 'desert in' is helmed by a team of directors led by LBO Artistic Director James Darrah. 

About the Series 

Part supernatural love story, part dazzling long-form music video, 'desert in' is driven by a blend of striking new music that ranges from lush classical to jazz, from electronic soundscape to cinematic sweep, and more. Principal filming took place  in Palm Springs, CA. With a diverse cast of actors, singers and creators, 'desert in' creates a wholly new storytelling experience.  On-screen actors are complemented by performers who are not seen, but whose voices are heard on the soundtrack. Some of the on-screen actors are seen singing; others create and embody characters guided by off-screen voices. The effect places the story in a dreamlike universe that’s not quite earthbound, not quite celestial.

'desert in' is commissioned and produced by Boston Lyric Opera in association with Long Beach Opera.




Ep. 1: “This House is Now”
Composer: Ellen Reid
Writer: Kirsten Greenidge
Director: James Darrah

Ep. 2: “Love is Like the Sea”
Composer: Nathalie Joachim
Writer: Joy Kecken
Director: James Darrah

Ep. 3 : “Someday you’ll know…they’re calling to you too”
Composers: Ellen Reid, Vijay Iyer
Writer: A. Rey Pamatmat
Director: Zackary Drucker

Ep. 4: “A Single Man”
Composer: Emma O’Halloran
Writer: Ryan J. Haddad
Director: James Darrah

Ep. 5: “I miss you more than I remember you”
Composer: Wang Lu
Writer: christopher oscar peña
Director: Raviv Ullman

Ep. 6: “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
Composer: Shelley Washington
Writer: Quentin Nguyen-duy
Director: James Darrah

Ep. 7: “The Sun Also Rises”
Composer: Nico Muhly
Writer: Jesse J. Sanchez
Director: Joy Kecken

Ep. 8: “Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us”
Composer: Michael Abels
Writer: Roxie Perkins
Director: James Darrah


Onscreen Performers

  • Cass: Isabel Leonard
  • Sunny: Talise Trevigne
  • The Lounge Singer: Justin Vivian Bond
  • Ion: Raviv Ullman
  • Rufus: Alexander Flores
  • Federico: Anthony Michael Lopez
  • Old Man / Derek: Ricco Ross
  • The Son: Jon Orsini
  • The Stranger: Carlis Shane Clark

Vocal Only (Offscreen) Performers

  • Ion: Edward Nelson
  • Rufus: Jesus Garcia
  • Federico: Alan Pingarrón
  • Old Man / Derek: Davóne Tines
  • Vapors: Brianna J. Robinson, Emma Sorenson, Neal Ferreira

Creative Team

  • Director of Photography: Michael Elias Thomas
  • Production Designer: Yuki Izumihara
  • Costume Designer: Molly Irelan
  • Gaffer / Lighting Designer: Pablo Santiago

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